Voting is a form of Insanity – Nobody for President 2016

We have been saying this for years. The vote is rigged. Voting for the devil you know or the best of the worst, is not an acceptable way to run a corporation. I mean COUNTRY.

I heard this guy on reddit and like his views. Check it out!

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Internet voting is SAFE: If the internet voting technology is executed properly, it’s improbable that it will be hacked, especially if the U.S. handles it like online banking but double the login procedures, and if the login portal requires ALL users to do this: 1. Use SHA-256 encryption hashing, and the user submits a test vote, and then have to verify that test vote using all the same credentials.
2. Use 2-3 step verification every step of the way. Such as google’s 2 step (
3. Vote within a safe portal, that auto times out after 3 minutes, so no one’s vote can be stolen. 4. At login require 4-5 security questions to login. Questions must be changed semi-annually. 5. Use a blockchain-like ID verification system where each user gets to “spend” their vote once, each election, after going through a very safe ID verification process.
6. Down stream: Allow the voters to redact their vote if they are being held by a captor, or bribed, or abused in domestic violence at home.

For more information check out: ThreeBallot voting protocol vVote: Archived 1999 Voting subs on reddit:

Internet voting in 2016 will be the only way to keep the war mongers, reality stars, and self-elected shillionaires out of the white house. The U.S. needs to run a parallel internet vote to ensure the leader ship of the country is not stolen again.

Various U.S. Leaders and officials are traitors, and should be tried as so. U.S. citizens need to regroup and realize their own overloads, tax collectors, and county “officials” are the actual terrorists. Unfortunately, due to the heavy TV/statist school programming, citizens have come to recognize terrorists come from the far region of the Middle East. Most citizens can’t even tell you geographically where or why we a pumping billions into Israel and these regions… citizens acquiesce and watch the tax dollars disappears in the form of hummer exhaust. Maybe once the shit lords who are dumping the chemicals concede to themselves, in their own heart and soul, that they are the true terrorists, these perpetrators will have a moment of self realization and begin to change, or they may be too far down the path and never repent. I believe that anyone is capable of turning their life around to do good… and it’s never too late to change the path you are on. One can change their ways. Some of the criminals and cohorts behind the poisoning of the masses, it may be better for the U.S. if they take their own lives, and deal with it this way. Maybe if these so-called officials realize many citizens view them worse than they view 3rd world radicalized Syrian civilian militants – and they realize how many “officials” are terrorists, the dialogue will change. It should be a law the U.S. “journalists” refer to these U.S. employed perpetrators as terrorists, to emphasize the gravity of this matter.


Student Government Considers Blockchain Voting

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West Virginia University’s (WVU) Student Government Association (SGA) is debating whether to use a blockchain-based voting platform for its upcoming elections, according to the college’s student-run newspaper, The Daily Athenauem.

The initiative, proposed by WVU students Ankur Kumar and Ricky Kirkendall, would allow students to use iPad apps to vote for Student Body President and Vice President, as opposed to traditional voting machines.

If implemented, the students argue, the plan would save the SGA anywhere from $5,000–$7,000, the difference between renting voting machines or purchasing iPads that can run the blockchain-enabled voting apps.

The SGA’s elections chair, Emma Harrison, was optimistic about the plan, but said she believes that the technology would need to be tested more widely before it is implemented.

Harrison told the news source:

“I don’t see it working for this SGA election since it’s so soon, but if it were approved it would probably go into place for the next Homecoming election.”

Objections raised

Not everyone at the college is onboard with testing a new and emerging technology for the election, however.

One issue taken up by a campus advisor is the fact that Kumar and Kendall have created the app they want to implement, called SureVoting.

“I love the idea, I love the premise. But I find something a little unethical about someone who is going to vote in the election being responsible for the coding of the results of the election,” SGA advisor Daniel Brewster told the newspaper.

Elsewhere, Kumar made the case for the plan by emphasizing the benefits of the blockchain’s immutable digital ledger.

“Votes that are entered in the blockchain can never be altered or deleted by us – the coders – or by a University administrator or by a student,” Kumar said.

Representatives from the WVU SGA did not respond to requests for further comment as of press time.”

Internet Voting can fix this: Gerrymandering


Gerrymandering (jerrymandering) is bad for the citizens of the US because it is a form of manipulation. We believe that if an internet voting system were to take hold in the united states, this entire process would become obsolete. Partisan gerrymandering makes the distribution of voters more consequential than their raw number, resulting in wasted votes. The US can not afford to lose any votes.

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Internet Voting Links from you should check out

Internet Voting Links from you should check out….
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A new votecoin? Nxt Voting System Teaser!

A new votecoin? Nxt Voting System Teaser!

Very cool technology. I hope they pull it off! And I hope they can present it in a very simple way so everyone can understand the benefits of this technology!

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Vote Coin conceptualized and invented by Charles Level in 2013 VoteCoin©™

Thank you for visiting the official Vote Coin blog.

Vote Coin is an open source voting system. It was inspired by bitcoin in 2012, and allows for citizens to vote for candidates with a transparent system.

What makes Vote Coin different from the traditional 70 year old voting technologies, is that Vote Coin is transparent to everyone and allows for voting from anywhere there is an internet connection. After the so-called elections are closed, computer savvy individuals will have public access if they desire to audit the chain of votes which will have unique hash IDs. This will make sure that all the votes are tallied legally, and accurately. The Vote Coin ledger will then be backed up, and published, so that it can be audited at any point in the future. No system is perfect, but with a free and open system citizens have the chance to improve on the technology.

When was the idea of cryptographic voting conceived?

Voting technology is a taboo discussion because many people do not want to jeopardize their jobs and stature by challenging the now archaic voting system.  But discussions of a cryptography based voting system can be traced back to several discussion boards over the past 15 years. One such paper is the Chris Karlof paper called “Cryptographic Voting Protocols: A Systems Perspective”

Recent Vote Coin concept:

Early in 2013 when bitcoin was starting to bloom and gain major mainstream attention, Charles Level started posting theories, ideological concepts, and starting various discussions about Vote Coin (votecoin VoteCoin©™ ). About 100 posts were made by Charles Level to Reddit categories, over the years, and several individuals and entities claimed to have created vote coin, and even started a sub category called /r/votecoin.

In 2014 a fictional person calling themselves “Steven Funk” perpetrated to create the idea of “Votecoin” and started a page on a so-called crowd funding site called This was not the first instance of VoteCoin being discussed. Our team has followed their so-called “fund raising campaign” but have not seen any credible mainstream evidence that their code was created or successfully implements.

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