VoteCoin: A fair, transparent, practical solution to fix modern voting.

A call to reform and improve the modern voting process: Introducing The VoteCoin

By: Charles Level


An Overview of the Benefits of VoteCoin:


In the following paper we will discuss how VoteCoin will discuss:


  • Internet Voting
  • Transparency
  • Accessibility to Citizen
  • Voting Locations (physical)
  • Voting Topics and Subject Matter relevance
  • Utilizing Current Volunteer Infrastructure
  • Using iPads and Tablets
  • Interactive Voting Experience
  • Redesigning the Ballot and Fix Design
  • Voting User Experience (UX & UI)



Time and Location Improvements after VoteCoin internet voting


The problem: The working class does not have the time, money, or schedule to take off work to vote at random stations around town. Once at the poll, the technology is antiquated, unreliable, and the interfaces cause confusion.


The solution: Allow citizens to vote from their home computers and phones, and setup “mobile internet voting centers” from mobile wifi enabled RV’s or stations.


Since the inception of the internet in 1969 intelligent man has had the desire to vote online. Voting should now be available over the internet. To allow for people without access to computers it could be wired into popular shopping markets coin machines,  ATM machines, or mobile voting systems.


Other mobile solution: Those who can not access these machines should be able to call a Taxi, or UBER that will have this available on board. This would allow access to the elderly, handicapped, or impoverished who can not travel.


Relevant Voting Topics in The Future:

Once voting is more available, and easier, citizens will become more pro-active and useful in this process and can pre-vote online. Citizens could post new topics and vote on what is relevant, so once the citizen received the official ballot, the topics would be relevant. The last time I voted there were questions about condom use in the adult film industry, but no topics on the war in the middle east, Obama’s birth records, or any relevant questions about the state of the modern so-called educational institution.


Irrelevancies presented to concerned voters on voting day only server to confuse or anger voters, therefore there should be more clarity before hand.


Utilizing Current Volunteers Poll Workers and Infrastructure:

Utilize poll workers to hand out Ipads or Tablets. They would save 1,000s of hours without having to install booths or set-up heavy gear inside of station for days. They can travel to 2-10 locations with tiny Ipads or Tablets, and setup with a cheap and quick pop-up tent or they can setup with a van and no tent at all.


Quick Setups: Using iPads an Tablets as voting machines

One modern computer tablet = $90

One “modern” voting booth = $4500


According to the formula above you can buy 50 tablets specially fitted for voting for the price of one voting booth.


Volunteer citizen can now pass out 10-100 ipad tablets to all voters so they can vote easily and simply. Charging stations would plug in to existing van 9 volt adapters, or volunteers would have battery add ons to keep the tablets powered. All votes would immediately be uploaded to central server using the wifi hotspot on a volunteers phone with data plan.


Removal of obsolete “voting booth” technology and hardware:


Of course some of today’s booths will be saved for use in museums,to display as antiques, or for novelty purposes but most will be reduced to scrap and recycled much like the buggy axle was during the rise of the gasoline cars.


Today, It takes a lot of money, manpower, time, and resources to move all these large voting booths. Once all booths are phased out they can be recycled for parts, and this money can filter back into the new voting technology.


Redesigning the modern voting user experience!


Current Ballot Cards and Tech are confusing!


We need to overhaul the modern voting experience by instilling on modern UX designers to make this process simple so that the non-savvy or non-internet generations can vote quickly and easily.


The look, experience, and implementation of today’s so-called modern voting apparatus is confusing. The cards are foreign, antiquated, and disorienting compared to many modern day-to-day forms and user experiences.


Incentivize voters!:

Voters of the future will be prompted to vote on issues that effect their taxes, and their day-to-day lives. The goal of this project is for voters to take measure that will improve the current system, and the savings can be passed on to the people.


For example, if 120,000,000 vote in 2016 to pull all our troops out of the middle east, this could save 8 billion dollars. The voting would then ask people where they would like this money spent in our own country.


In order to incentivize people to vote using “VoteCoin” the first year you could reward participants with a $5 cash back in the mail. This money would actually would be from the amount of money saved by using this system. Presuming more people vote, and there is less money spent on fighting corruption and performing re-counts, this savings could also be passed on to the public.


Interactive Voting;


Voters will be given various current topics to vote on, including the topics of our troops lawfully or unlawfully occupying other countries. After answering these questions about the budget, they questions could be interactive and further prompt to ask the voter how they would like to use the money in other USA matters.


If 20,000,000 citizens vote in 2016 to withdraw all of our troops out of the Middle East, this could save 8 billion dollars the next. The voting would then ask people where they would like this money spent in our own country. The next year the same ballot would now have updated information about this activity and allow them to see how their cast vote actually affected the real world scenario.


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