191 Million US Voter Registration Records Leaked In Mystery Database

We found it interesting that a lot of the opponents of internet voting hinge their main argument around the fact that voting from home “compromises people’s privacy”.

We have bigger issues right now.  Buildings turning to dust. Gov employees using secret servers. Reality stars running as leaders.

A few outliers who may have issues voting from their homes because their spouse are codependent, should not stop internet voting. This is a conceptual argument that shouldn’t stop the USA form being great again.

This week, a hacker leaks 191,000,000 people’s voting information. At this point the USA is going to get screwed with vote schemers and fraudsters, so the USA needs to put on their big boy pants and start using a modern, ethical voting system that doesn’t allow war mongers, schemers, and war criminals, to steal the election every few years. Internet voting now.

Source article: http://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2015/12/28/us-voter-database-leak/


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