The Internet Voting Manifesto – Introducing The VoteCoin and the Digital Party and Internet Voting Party

Introducing The VoteCoin Internet Voting Tokens:

A Call to Reform and Improve Modern Voting with Annual Transparent Internet Voting Tabulation Using Cryptography Digital Token Technology By Charles Level

The “Digital Party” is a new group of concerned tax paying citizens who are demanding  a massive overhaul and revolution of the current broken “voting” system that is in place to elect “leaders” into the United States White House. Member of the internet voting party are aware that the united states has dissolved into a fascist corporate oligarchy, not a democracy. The “leaders” are not concerned with the welfare of the country or the peaceful taxpayers. The government is now grossly embedded and monetarily intertwined with cancer-like global corporations, pandering to foreign interest, and co-opting corporations that answer to none of man’s laws. These corporate ties cause corruption within the inner offices of the United State’s government and transparent internet voting will put an end to this.


“The time has come for a revolution in the United States of America’s voting process. This includes updating the present technologies, allowing 100% result transparency, public audibility, and changing the physical processes by which  we vote for our main officials and the president.” – CL

“Our current flawed voting technologies, irrelevant voting points, and broken processes, are the weakest link in the U.S.’s infrastructure.” – CL

“Our elections have become a bazaar for special interest and corporations, our representatives are merely middlemen and women between the self interest of corporate America and the law making process.”  – Christopher Rice (Sourced from



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